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Our Expertise


Mckenzie Method (MDT) is an evidence based system of comprehensive assessment, classification,  diagnosis, treatment and prognosis. Your physical therapist is a Diplomat in MDT (Dip. MDT) which is the highest level of certification in this method and is among very few practitioners in the world who 

carry this credentialing. Your provider also has completed their Fellowship Training specializing in Mckenzie Method. For more details about this method                                                                      



If you suffer from early morning back pain or stiffness, pain after prolonged sitting or rising from sitting, discomfort with prolonged standing or increased symptoms with sustained forward bent activities like shoveling, vacuuming, gardening, heavy lifting etc we have a solution to your problem.


The mechanical assessment & treatment using Mckenzie Method is the most evidence based form of treatment for lumbar spine issues than any other form of conservative management. If you wish to be pain free without needles, pain killers, injections or surgeries, then give us a call to schedule your Mckenzie assessment today!


Suffering from neck pain or pain across shoulder blades or have difficulty turning your neck to left or right occasionally or do you sometimes experience pain down the arm into your hands with a sensation of “pins & needles” into your fingers?


If you have answered Yes to any of the above questions, there is a good chance you can benefit from a mechanical assessment. If your neck pain is from postural stresses, some very simple, specific exercises can be your solution to eliminate pain & prevent future episodes.


Shoulder problems are often referred to in different ways, including tendonitis, rotator cuff strain or tear, impingement syndrome, frozen shoulder, capsulitis or arthritis.

Similarly, knee injuries are commonly diagnosed as arthritis or meniscal tears based on your X-rays or MRI findings. While the degenerative changes are present, these findings may not be the cause of your pain.

If you have periods during the day when you are completely pain free along with times when you have pain, that is usually a sign that your symptoms are mechanical & invasive treatments may not be necessary. Seeking a comprehensive examination and evaluation by a certified/diplomate MDT provider as your first step is essential to identify the source of your symptoms.


If you have had aches and pains in the past & are looking for healthy & safe ways to stay active & improve your fitness levels without causing injury, we offer customized exercise programs depending on your medical history, your orthopedic issues, age & previous fitness levels. Staying active is the best gift you can give yourself & do not refrain from doing things you love because of fear of re-injury. Call us today to learn more about our Wellness Sessions!