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Live Masterclass for Active Adults with Back Problems!

Top 3 Mistakes that people with Back Problems make that Prevent their Return to an Active Lifestyle
(& How to Fix Them)


Top 3 Reasons that Prevents People with Back Problems Return to an Active Lifestyle

Quick Tips that you can Apply Right Away to give you a head start in your activity journey

THE BIG QUESTION: Return to Activity Without Making My Back Problem Worse?


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From having multiple opinions to too much information on the Internet, the process can be lonely & depressing. Not to mention, the constant updates in research that happen in this field. I mean it’s a lot.

Nothing excites me more than seeing my clients with back issues Return to an Active & Healthy Lifestyle they’ve always wanted..& it’s not always easy to get there!

“You have had Back Pain (Or Problems) in the Past & Have Never fully Returned to Your Previously Active Lifestyle (That You secretly Hope & Know that U could someday)” 

“ You are in Your Back Pain/Sciatica/Pinched Nerve Recovery Journey & Unsure What Movements Will Help or Hurt Your Spine“ 

“ You Want to & have been Cleared to Return to Activity But You Would Like to do it without making your Back/Disk/Spine Problem Worse“ 

“ Pandemic Inactivity has lead to some Back Ache & Stiffness, You have also gained some weight & Now are Looking to Safely Resume Activity Without Causing Any Damage“ 

A Personal Invitation From Taruna….

I’ve been helping people with Back problems for 11 years now…


& I have learnt the exact ingredients that people need to safely Return to a Healthy & Active Lifestyle they’ve always wanted…


The key is there is NO ONE SIZE FITS ALL…& in this Masterclass we will discuss the formulas for success so you can make them your own in your journey of recovery & your overall health.


If you’re committed to making this the year you finally invest in your health goals & claim a life where you can enjoy worry free time with your family & friends, I can’t wait to help you get there!


Choose the time that works best for you >>


Taruna R.


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