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"Find Out The Root Cause Of Your Problem, Get Rid Of Not Just the Pain but Resolve Your Issues Permanently By Treating The Source & Not Just Masking the Symptoms - Without Having the Need to Take Pain Pills, Injections or Surgery!"                                      

Speak to a Mckenzie Method Expert to find out if Mckenzie Method is right for you!

If you have had Long Standing Back, Neck, Knee or Shoulder problems, it is easy to Assume that the pain will never go away especially if you have tried other treatments in the past that did not work.


Or Maybe you’ve been told that it is a part of the “aging” process & to just deal with it…


Or Maybe you’ve tried to rest, take painkillers or even injections without any real results!


If this sounds like you & you are experiencing any one of the above, you’re not alone…


We hear this all the time with other clients at Health Watchers PT.


 A common question we hear from our clients is:


“How is Mckenzie Method Different from Other Forms of Treatment that I have tried before?”


Mckenzie Method is a unique system of assessment & treatment called as Mechanical Diagnosis & Therapy (MDT) commonly known as the Mckenzie Method that is renowned worldwide & has the most amount of research supporting its outcomes. We are the only 1 of the 3 Highest qualified provider (Diplomate) in this technique in the NoVA area & one the 500 clinicians across the globe who are Subject Matter Experts in this form of treatment.

That being said, we understand this method & we understand YOU. Not giving this form of treatment a chance for your aches & pains is doing yourself a disservice.

So, the Next Question is:


“How Can Choosing To See A Mckenzie Method Specialist  Help You Get Rid of Your Aches & Pain & help you return to your Previous Level of Activity as soon as Possible?"


  • We can get to the Root Cause of your Problem and help you understand what is the real issue behind ALL your symptoms?

  • We can help you Ease your Pain & Stiffness - usually in a few sessions 

  • We can help you Resolve your long standing weakness & other issues that limit you from doing things you love

  • By having more Mobility, you will also have more Energy & more Productivity around your day

  • We will help you make Changes to your Posture & Other Lifestyle Habits that will prevent this problem from ever returning again.


If you would like to know what this treatment will cost & what our availability is at Our Office in Reston, fill out the short form by clicking the button below:

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Taruna Rijhwani’s “Active Beyond Fifty” Book

Dr. Taruna Rijhwani, PT is also a published author and her book Active Beyond Fifty is available worldwide. Her book is for people aged fifty plus who like to stay active & pain-free with spine & joint problems.


Her book is available on Amazon as well as with us and would be a great place to start on your recovery journey.

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