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If you’re Stuck at Home for Safety Measures from Coronavirus Pandemic & Are Suffering from Back Pain, Sciatica, Neck, Shoulder or Knee Problems, We’re Offering Video Visits to help you get Back to Activity & Not Rely on Painkillers when in Quarantine!

If you have had Long Standing Back, Neck, Knee or Shoulder problems & You Haven’t Found a Provider of Your Choice in Your Area 


Or You Have Been Recommended to See a Mckenzie Method Expert for Your Problems


Or Because Previous Treatments Have Failed You, You are looking to get Another Opinion on Your Problem to See if it Can be Helped to Avoid Surgery


Or You Have Been Following Us on Social Media, Reading our Blogs & Watching Our Videos & are Excited About Our Approach to Treatment (But Do Not Live Near Us)


If this sounds like You, then We Can Offer Help Via Our Video Visits Program.


A Common Question We Hear From Our Clients Is:


“How Will Video Visits Help Resolve My Pain & Get Me Back to Previous level of Activity?”


  • Through Video Sessions, You get One on One Uninterrupted Time with Your Specialist Who can Dive Deep into Your History, Perform a Video Exam & Help You Understand Your Problem at the Root Cause (Just like if You were in Our Office)

  • You are Demonstrated Exercises, Mobility Techniques & Posture Modifications & Then Your Expert Gives You Feedback on When You Execute Them in the Session

  • This Ensures that You are Prepared for Continuing Your Program On Your Own in Between the Video Sessions

  • You Also Receive a lot of Video Content Specific to Your Problem That Demonstrates  Your Exercises By Your Specialist So You can Refer to it As & When Needed (& Even Long After your Program is Completed)

  • By Putting You In-Charge of Your Care, You Ensure Best Outcomes for Your Health & Set Yourself Up for Long Term Success.

So, the Next Question is:


“What About Hands-On Treatment?”


  • Not Every Patient Requires Hands-On Treatment to Get Pain-Free & Return to Doing Things They Love. 

  • There is a Lot of Research That Supports Use of Movements & Exercises for Healing and Getting Similar to Better Outcomes than Passive Techniques or Hands-On Treatment

  • Your Specialist Will Decide If You are Eligible for Our Video Visit Program & Help You Make a Decision From There

  • You Are Working With Your Specialist for their Understanding & Knowledge of Your Problem & their Guidance towards your Optimal Recovery

  • Your Specialist may Refer You to Another Local Provider (Near You) if They Deem You Not the Right Candidate for Video Sessions


If you would like to Know What this Treatment will Cost & What our Availability is For Video Visits, Fill out the Short Form by Clicking the Button Below:

What Other People Just Like You are saying about Health Watchers Video Visits Program

Austin, Virginia. - Came to Us with Chronic Back issues & is Now Back to Playing Sports & an Active Lifestyle After Our Video Visit Program

Nicole, New York - Came to us with Chronic Knee Problems & is now back to Walking long distances, Stairs & Return to Work Safely


Note: Our Video Visit Program is Open for Limited States in the US due to Telehealth laws in the Country.

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