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"How to Put an End to Your Neck and Shoulder Issues Without Having to Rely on Pain Pills, Needles, Injections or Surgery & Get Back to Doing Things You Love!"


If you have had Long Standing Neck or Shoulder Problems or Sometimes even Symptoms that go down your arm, it is easy to get Frustrated Especially if you Have tried Other treatments in the Past that did not Work.


Or Sometimes the Pain goes Away but You Never have the full Strength back in your Arm


Or You have never Really Gotten Back to Things that were Previously Painful like Playing Sports….


If this Sounds like You & You are Experiencing any One of the Above, You’re not Alone…


We hear this all the Time with Other Clients at Health Watchers PT.


A Common Question We Hear from our Clients is:

“Why has my Problem Not Resolved Fully after Putting Up with it for 6 Months?”


If You’re Currently Living With Neck & Shoulder Problems, Here are some Reasons Why It Has Lasted Longer Than It Should:


  • You Thought it Would Go Away On its Own But It Didn’t

  • You Have tried some Dry Needling, Acupuncture, Massages, Lacrosse Balls that Give You some Temporary Relief But Never Address the Underlying Issue

  • You Have tried Pain Killers & Muscle Relaxants that again Only Help You for a Short While But Never Really Solve the Problem

  • You Have Tried Some Stretches Off Youtube that Make You “Feel Good” for a Little Bit, Only to be Stuck in the Same Cycle Again

  • You Could Have Also Possibly Tried Using Some Postural Products in the Market that Again do not Serve You Much


If any of this Sounds like You, and You are Finally Looking to get a Permanent Fix to your problem, then we invite you to book a Free Phone Consultation & get some Real Advice on the Phone about your Neck & Shoulder Problems (Even Symptoms Down the Arm)

Give Yourself the Opportunity to Understand more about Your Neck & Shoulder Pain and find out what can be done to Help You.


At Health Watchers Physical Therapy, We Specialize in Helping People Aged 30+ Get Rid of their Pain & Return to Activity without the need for Painkillers, Injections or Surgery.


How can choosing Health Watchers Help you get Rid of Your Neck & Shoulder Problems?


  • We can get to the Root Cause of your Problem and Help you Understand What is the Real Issue Behind ALL your Symptoms?

  • We can help you Ease Your Pain & Stiffness - Usually in a Few Sessions 

  • We can help you Resolve your Long Standing Weakness & Other Issues that Limit you from Doing things You Love

  • By Having more Mobility, You will also have More Energy & More Productivity around your day

  • We will help you Make Changes to Your Posture & Other Lifestyle Habits that will Prevent this Problem from Ever Returning Again.

If you would like to know what the Cost of this treatment is and about Our availability, you can make an Inquiry by filling out the Short Form Below:

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