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What People are Saying About Us!


"Health Watchers was instrumental in my rehabilitation from a herniated disc. Taruna is knowledgeable, collaborative, thoughtful, and encouraging. Working with Health Watchers enabled me to essentially eliminate my debilitating back and leg pain, avoid surgery, and get back to a normal life in just a couple months! I would highly recommend them to anyone with disc or other back issues!" - Ashley D


"Taruna is a fantastic therapist - she is not only well qualified and knowledgeable, she is also so friendly and kind. After seeking many different types of treatments for my chronic lower back, middle back and neck pain I finally feel like I am seeing relief and results. Taruna patiently works through these complex issues with me and I also fully trust her recommendations to help me get better in the long run and not just stay in the cycle of pain and therapy. So glad I found her!" - Erica M


"I consulted numerous physical therapists, doctors, chiropractors, and even tried steroid injections among other things. Nothing helped me make definitive progress toward the active lifestyle I wanted.Now I have been working with Taruna for a little over a month and have made more progress in that time than in the previous 14 combined with other providers.I highly suggest giving Taruna and Health Watchers a try. I know I am happy that I did"! - Austin R

"Taruna is great! In just 3 sessions, she's really helped me improve so much. I love the one on one care I get and then the follow up emails with the specifics on what I need to do at home. TWO THUMBS UP!" - Fr Anthony M (Age 42 yrs old)


"Ever since working with Health Watchers, I like to walk now. I even jog now once in a while which was something I tried to do before but couldn’t as everything was hurting. I actually enjoy moving about now. My tennis game has improved quite a bit.Before, it was stiff getting in & out of a car and now I don’t even have to think about it. If you want to change your life for the better dramatically, I wouldn’t be on the fence for that much longer, if I were you!" - Daisuke U (Age 56 yrs old)

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"Taruna Conducted several sessions of physical therapy included through evaluations that resulted in significant positive changes;much less pain, greater mobility and overall great improvement. She is very focused, very attentive to my situation and she is a very positive and pleasant person. I enjoy our sessions very much. Will highly recommend her treatment methods and via internet communication system!" - Galina O 

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"Dr Taruna is fantastic! Extremely friendly, personable, and professional. She fixed my upper back pain in a few visits. This is a very caring and attentive practice that tailored to my individual needs. She taught me new exercises and movements to keep my posture strong so this won't happen again. Thanks so much Taruna. I would definitely recommend her to my family & friends!" - Kaustubh D


"We had a great experience with Health watchers. My dad had a back issue limiting his walking. Taruna was very thorough with her evaluation and treatment. She answered all the questions regarding cause of pain, prognosis/course of recovery and provided a good home exercise program to avoid recurrence . She has been very responsive. My father had almost 80% recovery from his pain and is able to walk longer distances which has greatly improved his quality of life. I am a PT myself and couldn't recommend her enough!"   - Pradnya S                                                         


"I highly recommend Dr. Taruna (Health Watchers Physical Therapy & Wellness) . She is so knowledgeable and relieved my upper back/neck pain so quickly but more importantly she gave me exercises to help prevent my issue from coming back. I cannot say enough about how great this practice is and highly recommend her to everyone who needs physical therapy!" - Pravin P


"Taruna was very helpful for my husband while using the McKenzie method of Physical Therapy. My husband has a number of health issues; Taruna was very thorough in asking about those issues and working with those issues in mind--always checking to make sure he was ok as he was doing the exercises. I would definitely recommend Taruna; she is very good at what she does and very professional!" - Ann L


"Dr. Taruna is simply amazing. She is very professional and gives a lot of value for the time/money committed. Health Watchers Physical Therapy & Wellness (Dr. Taruna Rijhwani,) helped me significantly from the leg injury that I suffered while playing basketball. I injured my achilles heel tendon with a severe sprain in the calf. I was not able to walk without assistance. After just one session with Dr. Taruna, I felt 50% better the next day, and began to walk slowly without needing assistance.
I only needed a total of 4 sessions to recover. During each session Dr. Taruna targeted specific core muscles, and after the sessions she sent a detailed list of exercises to be performed at home.
I felt very comfortable with Health Watchers (Dr. Taruna) as they did not attempt to up-sell any more sessions then I needed.
I highly recommend Dr. Taruna/Health Watchers for any physical therapy needs!" 
- Nishant S


"I highly recommend Healthwatchers Physical Therapy. Taruna will go over the basics of your issue in the free 15 min consultation and then let you know if she can help you. I had let my pain go too long and was starting to get really worried as it was impacting my work and family life, but Taruna safely and effectively helped me become pain free in a very short period of time. I cannot recommend her services highly enough!" - Mary G


"We saw Dr Taruna via Video Visits for my dad’s sciatica and disk issues. After trying several other treatments that did not help, we decided to try Health Watchers. After only a few Video Sessions, my dad started to notice less pain and had more mobility. His pain completely resolved in a couple of months and he is back at work just like before pain. I would highly recommend Health watchers to anyone.!" - Varsha M


"The online sessions really helped me a lot. I started seeing progress after 2nd session and by the 4th session I was almost 95% recovered from my back pain. Dr Taruna is very Professional and Punctual and give complete attention . I would highly recomend her. It saved lot of time for me to drive for physiotherapy sessions and wait in Doctors office for long time. Please Try this out. You will be surprised!" - Mayur B

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