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5 Tips to Avoid Back Problems When Stuck at Home

As Most of Us are Working from Home or Just Stuck at Home during this unprecedented coronavirus pandemic, Back, Neck & Shoulder problems have risen more than ever before. Most people were not prepared with the most Ergonomic Work at home environment & going shopping on Amazon is definitely not on our priority list (Or is it?)

A Lot of Couples are also sharing the Home Office Space & not to mention the increased time on the floor & running behind the kids…(boy, no one saw that coming) But nevertheless, here we are standing united & ready to emerge out of this stronger than ever as a community. Here are our 5 most basic tips to stay healthy & keep these back problems at bay while staying Home:

Tip No. 1: Take Frequent Breaks

Taking Frequent Breaks from being in either a sitting or standing position for hours has been more important than ever. Most people stay in the same sitting position for several hours in a day (day after day) as things get busy & yes you are involved in what you do. But don’t let it get in the way of taking a few breaks even if it goes get your cup of coffee, walk the dog to unwind the stress on your joints.

Tip No. 2: Adjust Your Workstation Set-Up

Even if you are working from Home & you do not have access to that fancy standing desk you have at the Office, get creative in Optimizing your Home Office set-up. The basics: Screen at eye level, being close to the monitor etc are not that hard to execute.

Use some books to prop up your laptop to eye level if it is not set that way already. Switch your working position to standing if you can from time to time. Kitchen Counter is usually set up at the right height to function as a temporary standing desk.

Tip No. 3: Resist that Time on the Couch

Yes, with no outside entertainment & Tiger King gaining the popularity that it has on Netflix, we all are spending excessive time on that couch then ever before. But resist the urge to follow your seated working hours immediately by couch time. Spread it out by including a short walk or run in between.

Your joints will get that much needed break, your body releases the feel good hormones that negates the increasing stress that we are in & your heart gets a little working too. You will be thankful that you did!

Tip No. 4: Get Some Exercise

Yes, I know you’ve heard this a million times, seen it on social media & I probably sound like a broken record. But how many of you are seriously getting some Exercise Consistently? Yes, the key here lies in consistency.

Getting some Exercise randomly on a day you feel like it does not count. This is a lifestyle change you need to incorporate not just during the coronavirus pandemic but later on too. The benefits are endless & you know it!

Here is a Video of a Mobility Exercises that Can be Easily Done at Home:

Tip No. 5: Move your Joints in the Opposite Direction

Last but not the least, move your joints in the opposite direction frequently. Yes, get up & do some of your exercises that you have been prescribed even when you are not in pain. Yes, that’s right, prevention is better than cure!

Your joints are not designed to be in one position for several hours ...they are designed to move frequently...just like a car stuck in your garage for a few weeks may give you some trouble starting...your joints are no different. So, it’s time to start moving them!

Want to know more?

If you like these tips & are looking for some more personalized help with your Back Problem, you can start by requesting a Free Discovery Session with your Back Pain Specialist for Our Video Visit Program.

Our Office is Still Open as the Department of Homeland Security has identified Physical Therapy as an Essential service. However, if you are unable to come to the Office, most of our patients/customers are enjoying Our Video Visits Option where they get the Help they Need with their Specialist from the Convenience & Safety of their Home!

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