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Should I Be Using Joint Supplements to Manage My Knee Problems?

I get asked this question by almost every person who has knee problems. There are several joint supplements available in the market that are marketed for arthritis type problems or help rebuild cartilage. Some even have some poor quality research to back it up.

But here is my opinion: Most of these supplements do not have enough research or data (unless something changes in the coming years) to support their claims of reversing or slowing down arthritis. Also, remember our bodies can only absorb a certain amount of nutrients from artificial nutrients and a majority needs to come from our diet.

With that being said, these supplements do not have many side effects either. So if you are willing to try anything, they may be worth a try but is there a guarantee or hard core data to back up its effectiveness, the answer is no.

They are usually easy to try due to minimal side effects and ease of access. But do not rely on them solely to solve your knee problems.

However, do not solely rely on these supplements to address your knee problems. Majority of aches and pains are mechanical in nature and hence getting a thorough mechanical assessment that involves movement based approach should be the right first step.

Want to learn more?

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