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What Type Of Pillow Should I Be Using for My Neck Problem?

Pillows can play a role in your neck or shoulder problem especially as you are getting older or already have an existing issue in your neck or shoulder. We soon realize that falling asleep on the couch does not work anymore after we are in our forties or fifties.

So let’s talk about choosing the right pillow. The best pillow for you should be the one that supports your cervical lordosis or C-shaped curve well as you sleep through the night. It should be semi-firm in density. Not too hard or firm.

You can also consider getting a Cervical Roll that goes into your pillowcase for better stability of your cervical spine through the night. In most cases, changing your sleeping position is not necessary whether you are a stomach or side sleeper. Our body is amazing at adapting at the position we fall asleep in.

The pillow however is one part of the solution. It has to be combined with movements and other lifestyle changes for its full effectiveness to help you resolve your neck or shoulder problem.

If you are looking for help to select the right type of pillow for you, simply email us at and someone from the team will be happy to reach out!

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