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Why is Mckenzie Method Different from Other forms of Treatment?

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

A question I get asked very frequently is “What is so unique or different about the Mckenzie Method or MDT or Why is giving it a try worth my while?”

Having completed my extensive training in this specialized system and been practicing it for over 10 years, this is a concise version to summarize its benefits:

1.Treats the Source Not the Symptoms

The No.1 Reason that makes the Mckenzie Method (or MDT) different is that it addresses the Source of the Problem and Not just masks the Symptoms.

A common example is that the majority of people experience shoulder blade pain that usually originates from their cervical or thoracic spine. Based on Mckenzie assessment, your provider will find out what is really causing the problem and treat accordingly versus just addressing where it hurts.

2. Addresses the Root Cause of the Problem

Using the Mckenzie Method, your provider gets to the Root cause of the problem. Now I may sound like I am repeating myself but what I mean is there are many reasons for a problem - stiffness, obstruction of joints, tendon weakness, inflammation etc. Your Mckenzie method trained provider will take the time to get to the source of this problem and guide you from there.

3. Based on Patient Empowerment

This method of assessment and treatment is based on getting the patient onboard i.e. educating them about their problem and empowering them to manage it independently in addition to supplemental hands-on treatment that may be necessary for complete resolution of the problem.

In short, You are not just a passive participant but an active team member in your recovery.

4. Teaches Prevention

This one is key - Research shows that the majority of back and neck problems tend to recur meaning if you have had back pain once, chances of you having it again are high.

That is why, using this system your provider will teach you how to make sure that the problem does not recur and if it does, what are the best first steps to manage at home besides pain pills. This gives you the best possible chance of being on top of your game!

5. Helps Prevent Surgeries and Injections

Last but not the least, using this system a trained provider can give you the best possible chance of preventing unnecessary surgeries and avoid injections for temporary pain relief. Yes, in some cases, when they are necessary, your provider can refer you out to the appropriate clinician based on the guidelines.

Most importantly, this system is based on research and there is a growing body of evidence supporting its value consistently.

That being said, always choose a Mckenzie Method Provider who is either a Diplomate (highest level of training) or Certified in Mckenzie Method as these are the Official training designations offered by the Institute. You can get more information about this system at the Official Website here

Want to learn more?

If you or someone you know has long standing back, neck, shoulder or knee problems and never got a full resolution consider working with a Mckenzie Method Speciality practice like ours.

You can request a Free Discovery Session by filling out a short form here. You will meet our specialist (In-person or Video), talk about your problem and decide if we are the right fit for you.

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