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Are You Following Random Youtube Exercises to Solve Your Back Problem?

I see so many people perform random exercises from either youtube or any other social media platforms for their back problems. Just because they are titled “ Top 5 Exercises for Back Pain” does not mean they are the solution for YOUR back problem.

And as a result of following a random program, I have seen so many people make their problem worse and eventually end up not moving their body altogether or getting inactive as they get fearful of movements.

Think about it, anyone can post content on social media these days (they do have to be an expert) and even if they are, sometimes the content that is posted is very generic for educational purposes and is not tailor made for your specific condition.

Just like you won’t take an antibiotic prescription from someone over Youtube or Instagram, you do not want to take an exercise prescription over the same channels.

Always have your movement experts perform an assessment on your condition before they recommend any treatments.

In fact, there is a very good study that clearly differentiates people with back problems who got specific advice and exercise plans to follow and people who got some random general exercises. And as you can guess, the difference between the two groups was one who got pain free and back to activity and the others did not make any improvements at all. Some even needed surgery.

There is a study done by Long et al in 2004 in which they subdivided people with back pain and sciatica in two groups. Group A received specific exercises designed for their problem based on their assessment by a Mckenzie Method specialist and Group B received general exercises for Back Pain. Both these groups were reassessed at 3 and 6 month intervals.

And they found that patients in Group A were doing significantly better in terms of pain, function , mobility as well as depression levels than group B at both 3 and 6 month time-frame and were able to avoid spinal surgery.

Research clearly supports the concept of using specific exercises that are designed for your problem and has much better outcomes than using non-specific or general exercises aka random stuff on the internet or something your friend got from the doctor.

If there is only one thing you would take from this chapter, it would be that there is no one size fits all when it comes to treating your back problems.

So always get an assessment first by someone uniquely qualified to understand your condition. Only a qualified movement expert should perform a thorough assessment of your spine and joints and help you decide what movements and postural/lifestyle changes are best suited for you aka do not take random advice from well meaning people about how to address your spine problems.

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