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Role of Proper Shoes in Minimizing Joint Aches and Pains

This one is essential, as many active seniors end up with hip, knee, or foot problems due to improper footwear; they fall into the cycle of pain and immobility.

If you choose to be active, which you probably will if you are reading so far, you need to make sure that you utilize proper footwear that supports your arch; this will minimize aches and pains.

As we discussed earlier, most of your weight bearing joints lose their natural lubrication and shock absorption ability as we age. As a result, prolonged weight bearing activities, like long walks or hikes, can get harder on your joints: they do not have as much support and lubrication as they used to.

To help those joints and to provide adequate support, the use of appropriate shock absorbing footwear or shoes – like sneakers – can help. Appropriate running or walking shoes will aid in minimizing the impact on your knee and foot joints during strenuous activities.

If you notice your shoes wearing off more on one side than the other, then this is a sign that your gait is imbalanced; there is a deficit that needs to be compensated and therefore it is not usually a problem with the shoe. It is time to get that movement checked with your expert physical therapist; you need to address it at the root cause level. Don’t spend a fortune switching shoes every few months!

The right shoe should meet the following criteria:

  • Well-balanced arch support

  • Proper cushioning

  • Toes closed so that your whole foot is supported

  • No aches or pains during long walks

  • Wears off evenly on both sides

If you have specific needs, the use of custom orthotics can be helpful but is not always necessary.

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